Enrich Your Life

By Rachel Liverman


Enrich– to improve or enhance the quality or value of.

As a young woman, you are always longing for something. Something that you believe will satisfy you; that will bring peace; that will make your life better. The truth is, all human beings have that same longing. We are all searching for truth, meaning, and life. We could probably make a list of so many things in life that we are chasing to improve or enhance the quality of our lives.

What are those things? Can you name a few? 


Better grades.

Having lots of money.

Making the team.

Having a boyfriend.

Getting your driver’s license.

What about the deeper issues of life that we want changed?

Arguments at home. 

Toxic relationships.

Anxiety and depression.

Body image.

There is a lie that we sometimes believe that we are able to enhance or enrich the quality of our lives by doing or having certain things. But those things will never truly satisfy. While some of those things are good (i.e. better grades, getting a driver’s license, etc), they can never take the place of Jesus Christ as the one true satisfaction of our souls. We can praise God for the good gifts that he gives us but in the end, Jesus is the source of all enrichment for our lives. 

Do you want your life to be more than facing battle after battle? Commit to following Jesus. The life He gives us is abundant and His strength is sufficient for the battles we face. Even if you are skeptical, this blog will help you see how Jesus is better. True life change doesn’t come from doing something or having something; it comes from knowing and experiencing Jesus.

The goal of Enrich is not to be another flashy, cool blog. The goal of Enrich is to help the young ladies in our student ministry be enriched by the sufficient Word of God and know that Jesus is the only one that satisfies.

On the first of every month, you will hear from one of the many godly women who have said “yes” to investing in you by writing about real issues that you want to hear. And be encouraged because these women go to Second and you actually may know them! Here are a few topics that this blog will cover: anxiety, time management, social media, body image, and so much more! We hope and pray that you feel seen, loved, and ENRICHED by this resource as you become the woman that God has called you to be.

About Rachel

Rachel serves as the Student Administrative Assistant and Girls’ Discipleship Specialist at Second Baptist Church Warner Robins. She graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Youth Ministry in 2017, as well as a Masters of Divinity: Discipleship in Spring of 2021. 

Rachel’s heart is for the next generation of women to know their theology, be confident as daughters of the King, and to enrich their lives with the wisdom that comes from biblical truth, older mentors, and small group discipleship.

You can contact Rachel at rachell@sbcwr.org.


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